We are deploying a chatbot to help answer questions about COVID-19. Rampant misinformation about the pandemic causes panic, fear, and harm. The misinformation includes from conspiracy theories about its origins, misunderstandings about how it spreads, and inaccurate and potentially dangerous “treatments”. Our chatbot aims to fight this misinformation. The chatbot is based on thousands of verified “Frequently-Asked-Questions” and answers from trusted online sources (e.g. the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The chatbot is continuously refined. Our team of experts continuously annotate, review, and validate much of the collected data. Questions that did not have a direct response from a validated and trusted online source are reviewed and answered by our public health experts. Based on your questions and feedback, we will continue building new content and developing a natural language processing-optimized library of Q&As. The bot will iteratively improve as we continue to collect updated and available online resources, annotate additional data, for refining our model, and through feedback from you who can let us know whether the answers we are providing are clear and relevant to what you are looking for.

We are a team of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Computer Science and Public Health researchers disseminating verified information during COVID-19. Our effort is led by João Sedoc (Computer Science) and Smisha Agarwal (Public Health). We are currently working to refine the data and algorithms for this chatbot and will release the collected and annotated data soon.

Do you have feedback for FAQ-bot? If so, please email covidqa@jhu.edu

JHU COVID-19 map: